Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. when the students work on their ow

2. Teacher in the classroom

2.1. Proximity

2.1.1. Stand or sits close to them

2.2. Appropiacy

2.2.1. Create a friendly atmophere

3. Movement

3.1. Walking side to side

3.2. In the middle

4. Awareness

4.1. watching

4.2. Listening

5. Using the voice

5.1. Audibility

5.1.1. Every student can hear what the teacher is talking about

5.2. Variety

5.2.1. Volume According to type of lesson and type of activity

6. Giving instructions

6.1. Kept simple as possible

7. You organize classroom time

7.1. Work in Grooup

8. We use your most value asset- our voice

8.1. Conversation

8.1.1. Talking to the student Crucial teacher skill

8.1.2. It will depend on uor personal style

8.1.3. Avoid shouting