Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. 6)Talking to students

1.1. Adapt language to students

1.1.1. Be understandable by using simple vocabulary

1.1.2. Establish a good interaction with students(rapport)

2. 7)Giving instructions

2.1. Instructions must be as simple as possible, and logical

2.2. Speak loudly or softly according to a particular situation in class.

2.2.1. Giving instructions

2.2.2. Calling students's attention

2.2.3. Explaining a lesson

2.3. Be aware of students needs all the time

3. 8) Students talk and teachers talk

3.1. Both teachers and students must participate in class equally( 50%/50%)

4. 1)The teacher in classroom

4.1. Appearance

4.2. Movement

4.3. Stand

4.4. Good attention

4.5. how close teachers are to the students

4.6. Space in classroom

4.7. How students work: Individual or group

4.8. Classroom time

4.9. Deal with difficult situations

4.10. Self-presentation

5. 2)Appropriacy

5.1. A teacher must know how to act and when to act in front of students; adapting different physical positions

6. 3)Movement

6.1. Some teachers prefers moving around the classroom, some of them do not.

6.2. Pro about moving around the class

6.2.1. A teacher can keep students´s attention

6.3. Motionless teachers can bore students

7. 4)Awareness

7.1. What are students doing?

7.2. How are they feeling?

7.3. A teacher must show genuine interest in students

7.4. A teacher must be approachable in order to solve students's doubts

8. 5)Voice

8.1. Audibility

8.1.1. A student must hear us

8.2. Variety

8.2.1. Voice quality(do not shout) Do not speak too softly or loudly. Look for middle term

8.3. Conservation

8.3.1. Take care of your voice as teacher because it is your most powerful instrument.