Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Teacher in the classroom

1.1. He or she must be take the control of the classroom.

2. Movement

2.1. The movements are important at the time to develop a class. Is really necessary to walk around the classroom and see what the students are doing or if the students are doing the task.

3. Awareness

3.1. What the students are doing into the classroom

3.2. How the students feeling

3.3. The teacher have to show security and knowledge

4. Voice

4.1. Audibility

4.1.1. Clearly, teachers need to be audible

4.1.2. The students at the back of the class can hear them just as well as those at the front.

4.2. Variety

4.2.1. Teachers to vary the quality of their voices

4.2.2. The kind of voice we use to give instructions or introduce a new activity will be different from the voice which is most appropriate for conversation or an informal exchange of views or information

4.3. Conservation

4.3.1. Teachers have to take great care of their voices

5. Giving instructions

5.1. Instructions must be as simple as possible, and logical

5.2. Be aware of students needs all the time

6. Students talk and teachers talk

6.1. Both teachers and students must participate in class equally (50%/50%) because is really important to share the ideas from both participate.