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Transportation by Mind Map: Transportation

1. Definition

1.1. Take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship.

2. On Land

2.1. Road

2.1.1. Powered by effort of user Bicycle Unicycle Trishaw Kick-scooter Skateboard Pennyboard Skates Rollerblades

2.1.2. Powered by fuel Car Automated Manual Lorry Truck Trailer Oil Truck Ten Tonner Motorcycle Hog Bike Scooter Chopper Bike Delivery Bike Van Ambulance SWAT Van Bus Coach School Bus Public Bus

2.1.3. Powered by electricity Cars Electric Scooter Electric Bicycle Electric Skateboard

2.1.4. Powered by animals Carriage Horse Carriage Cart Bull Donkey Horse Sleigh Dog Deer Horse

2.2. Rail

2.2.1. Powered by electricity Electric Train Bullet Train MRT

2.2.2. Powered by coal

2.2.3. Powered by diesel

3. On Sea

3.1. Ships/Boats

3.1.1. Powered by electricity

3.1.2. Powered by steam Cruise Ship Cargo Ship

3.1.3. Powered by diesel/fuel Cruise Ship Cargo Ship

3.1.4. Powered by effort of user Canoe Life Boat

4. On Air

4.1. Powered by fuel

4.1.1. Airplane Cargo Plane Passenger Plane Military Plane

4.1.2. Helicopter Police Helicopter News Helicopter

4.2. Powered by air

4.2.1. Hot Air Balloon

4.2.2. Zeppelin

4.2.3. Airship

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