Classical and Operant Conditioning

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Classical and Operant Conditioning by Mind Map: Classical and Operant Conditioning

1. Negative Punishment by removing a pleasant consequence and punishment by removal. Example: Taking away your employee discount.

1.1. Conditioning

2. Positive Punishment by adding an unpleasant consequence and punishment by application. Example: Being assigned to work undesirable shifts or with unpleasant con-workers.

3. This Condition changes behavior using consequences which come after a behavior will vary.

4. Is a type of learning that links some sort of trigger or stimulus to a human behavior or response.

5. What is Conditioning?

6. Classical Conditioning

7. Classical Conditioning

8. Punishment purpose is to decrease behavior. Example: You keep arriving late to work.

9. Negative Reinforcement take away unpleasant consequence. Example: Your mom`s/dad`s nagging stops when you clean you room.

10. Positive Reinforcement adding a pleasant consequence example 2: Earn reward for cleaning.

11. Reinforcement occurs after a behavior and increases the chance that behavior will be repeated. Example: Parents want you to clean your room.

12. The operant conditioning have four ways that can effect the behaviors

13. Changes behaviors using consequences which come after a behavior will vary.

14. Operant Conditioning