Herbology for Dummies

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Herbology for Dummies by Mind Map: Herbology for Dummies

1. About Me

1.1. about the author, introduce myself

1.1.1. include image of myself

2. poisonous plants

2.1. how to identify

2.1.1. Include images

2.2. side effects

2.3. What to do if ingested

3. medicinal herbs

3.1. describe positive and negative side affects

3.1.1. Include images

3.2. how to identify

4. Home Page

4.1. crossroad/train station of website

4.1.1. Include Calls to action

4.1.2. include images

5. historical background

5.1. describe how things were discovered and cultural backgrounds

5.1.1. include images

6. science behind it all

6.1. basics of plant biology and geneology

6.1.1. include diagrams

7. Contact Page

7.1. A way for customers to contact me

7.1.1. include contact page linked to email

8. Reference Page

8.1. cite my resources

8.1.1. use easybib or owl purdue for help

8.1.2. include citations and URLs

9. Strategic Planning Map

9.1. this mind meister map

9.1.1. embed map into website page

10. Tag Line: Provide safe, healthy, and cost effective homeopathic alternatives

11. Aroma Therapy

11.1. Describe what it is

11.1.1. include images

11.2. describe how to do it

11.2.1. add different ways to diffuse scents

11.3. different smells and their uses (ex. lavender helps sleep)