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thewomenbible by Mind Map: thewomenbible

1. home page

1.1. title of my website and a couple paragraphs explaining my website

1.1.1. photo

2. about me

2.1. my story, about half a paragraph

2.1.1. edited photo

3. contact page

3.1. the contact form

3.1.1. my QR code

4. reference page

4.1. citations (hidden)

5. strategic planning page

5.1. where the strategy map will be placed(hidden)

6. resource page

6.1. any resources needed for my website

6.1.1. edited photo

7. gospel page

7.1. famous women quotes and icons

7.1.1. pictures of women

8. FAQ page

8.1. frequently asked questions page about women

8.1.1. edited photo

9. shopping page

9.1. things to buy women, shopping page

9.1.1. images and links

10. confessions

10.1. an advice column, confess your stories/questions and get advice