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website by Mind Map: website

1. about me

1.1. this page will tell all users of my website about me, my background, some pf my experiences

1.1.1. i'm going to add a photo of myself here introducing myself to the audience and adding to my credibility technology used:

2. reference page

2.1. This page will reference where i got all of my information and citing it

2.1.1. this will have all my references and where i collected my information. technology used:

3. title page

3.1. this will talk about each page and what is offered on each

3.1.1. this is essentially my home page, providing people the information they need to know they will be receiving from my website. technology used:

4. questions

4.1. this page will have questions you can ask a person while you are on the date. Both serious and silly

4.1.1. this is where people can come to ask questions about dating/relationships and hopefully receive a helpful answer. technology used:

5. specific date ideas

5.1. this page will have date ideas that are specific like if you wanted a seasonal date, or a date to celebrate a specific anniversary, etc.

5.1.1. this can be a valentines day date, summer date, winter date, sick date, anniversary date, fall date, etc. technology used:

6. unique date ideas

6.1. this page will have a bunch of dates you can go on that are very unique and not a very common one a lot of people have been on

6.1.1. this consists of things like a "penny date" or "mannequin date". Dates that don't take much effort, but still are very fun and thoughtful. technology used:

7. Gifts

7.1. this is a page where you can have different gifts you can make your significant other and more easy things to do for them depending on the occasion.

7.1.1. this can consists of handmade gifts, gifts to buy someone for a special occasion, or maybe even just small things to do for someone throughout their days. technology used: