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Explore Arizona by Mind Map: Explore Arizona

1. home

1.1. Maybe add a list of all the places that can be visited in AZ

1.2. include logo and social media

2. about

2.1. Info on the purpose for the site

2.2. my personal connection with the topic

3. contact

3.1. info about me and how to get in contact with me

4. blogs

4.1. Includes blog post from people that visit these paces and what their experience was like.

4.2. people can also add pictures/ videos of what they experienced so others can see and choose places they might like to visit themselves

5. info on each monument/ attraction

5.1. more of a background on all of the places that are listed in the home page for those that are interested

6. reviews on each monument/ attraction

6.1. ^This page might tie into the blogs page**

6.2. a place where people can rate each place so others might see if it worth traveling to or not.

7. jobs/ volunteer experience

7.1. listings with job offers or volunteer experience for those in a TDM major or Parks and Recreation

7.2. maybe include a google form

8. The purpose for this website is to show residents all of the local places we have right in our state that we can travel to and have a great time, without having to leave the state