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Jimmina by Mind Map: Jimmina

1. References

1.1. The 3 links I have in my one on one meetings.

1.1.1. ALL citations for media used.

2. Topic

2.1. Exercise and Wellness

2.1.1. Benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. About Me

3.1. In the about me page, I am going to introduce myself and the topic I chose: Exercise and Wellness.

3.1.1. Canva & YouTube Video How to start & Intro to exercise

4. Benefits to Exercise

4.1. List the Benefits to exercise

4.1.1. YouTube/Powtoon

5. Healthy Foods You Should Eat

5.1. What I eat and tips for meals and meal planning tips/tricks.

5.1.1. Recommended YouTube channels

6. Contact

6.1. Canva

6.1.1. Contact form and a picture of me.

7. Where can I exercise?

7.1. If you're in the city, depending on your location

7.1.1. Add recommended gyms and grocery stores that have deals for preferred healthy diets.

7.1.2. YouTube Channels I watch.