Scholarships for You

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Scholarships for You by Mind Map: Scholarships for You

1. References

1.1. References that I found from this

2. Scholarships by State

2.1. This will have scholarships specified to each state so that people in those states could look for them

2.1.1. Photo: That you can click the state and then a list of scholarships open up

3. Weird Scholarships

3.1. This will have scholarships that are odd and not everyone can sign up for these

3.1.1. Digital Photo of someone with a question mark

4. Not A Lot of Work Scholarships

4.1. These scholarships are for people who don't want to do a lot of work for the scholarship and want to just submit

4.1.1. Video describing what it means for Not a Lot of Work scholarships

5. Scholarships for Everyone (Regardless of citizenship)

5.1. These scholarships are for people who may not be a citizen and these scholarships don't matter of that status

5.1.1. Someone with all types of people from different cultures

6. About Me

6.1. This will have why I care about this website, why it's important

7. How to Apply to Scholarships

7.1. This will help people understand how to apply for scholarships in case they don't know how to or what some things mean

7.1.1. Infographics about what to do with some stats or something

8. Tagline: You need money, it's out there so let's get it