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DIYClassroom by Mind Map: DIYClassroom

1. References

1.1. Have all the links to all the pictures I use for the website

1.2. Have the links for the videos I use for the website

2. About Me

2.1. Talk about myself

2.2. Why I made the website/my inspiration

3. Contact Me

3.1. Have the contact form with the person's name, email, and any questions they may have

4. My Work

4.1. Put different DIY ideas with pictures

4.2. Add a small description of what the craft is

4.3. Maybe add a video of a craft being made

5. Welcome Page

5.1. Have a Headline

5.2. Have a subheadline

5.3. Have a gallery of pictures of well decorated classrooms

6. Resources

6.1. Different crafting stores that they can go to to buy supplies

6.2. A crafting website