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Adventures & Destinations by Mind Map: Adventures & Destinations

1. Most Visited

1.1. New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC

2. Hidden Gems

2.1. Will use an infographic to each destination

3. Location

3.1. West Coast

3.2. East Coast

3.3. Deep South

3.4. Pacific Northwest

3.5. Midwest

3.6. Big Cities

3.7. New England

4. Author's Reccomendations

4.1. Will use a Google Form to collect requests from customers

4.2. We will also take suggestions via Social Media

5. Looking for a New Place to Call Home

6. About

6.1. My name is Kelsey Kellogg. I am a resident of Phoenix, Arizona and an avid traveler. Always on the lookout for new and exciting destinations, I created this website to help out my fellow travelers.

6.2. About the Author

7. Museums

8. Ball Parks & Other Sports Arenas

8.1. We will use videos to show the full affect of traveling to various sporting events

9. Natural Wonders

9.1. National Parks

10. Beach Bum

10.1. Destinations along the west and east coast

10.2. Lakes and Oceans

11. Historical Aspects

12. References

13. Resources

14. Contact

15. Home

15.1. We will create a digital logo for our company and place it in this section of the website

16. Official Company Tagline: Why wait until tomorrow when you can plan it today? Find the perfect trip here.