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Tip on Over by Mind Map: Tip on Over

1. Music

1.1. Various music playlists and previews of songs will be linked with corresponding moods on this page, as a way for the visitor to be able to be able to listen to songs that may match what they are feeling.

1.1.1. Spotify: Playlists will be added through Spotify so the visitor can click the link and be redirected to that website.

1.1.2. Pictures: Pictures will be attached with the playlists so the visitor can get a visual representation of what the playlist contains.

2. Poetry

2.1. This page will provide visitors access to poetry written by the author on things such as love, life, and health.

2.1.1. Pictures: I will be adding pictures to this page that correspond with each poetry piece to add a visual element to it.

2.1.2. Google Form: I will create a google form that will allow for visitors to send in their own poetry for me to feature on the website.

3. About Me

3.1. This page will provide information about the author and the different platforms of social media the visitor can reach the author.

3.1.1. Pictures: I will incorporate pictures of myself so the visitors can match a face to the creator of the site.

3.1.2. Social Media: I will attach the my social media links so the visitor can contact me another way and look at my different platforms.

4. Home

4.1. This page has a brief overview of what the visitor can expect on this site. It will give a brief description about the different tips they can obtain through poetry and music. The information that I feel is most special will also be displayed as a preview so the visitor will be more intrigued to continue onto the website.

4.1.1. Screencast: Provide visitors a way on how to navigate the site and the features included on it.

4.1.2. Photo Editing: I will use photo editing to incorporate pictures of various themes, such as nature or love, to decorate the page.

4.1.3. Features: Every week I will add new poetry sent to me by visitors.

5. Contact

5.1. Has information for visitors to be able to contact author of website with any questions or comments- such as any recommendations they have.

5.1.1. Strategic Planning Map: SPM will be attached to this page.

6. Tagline: Come for one tip, leave with all