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Get Fit Kwik by Mind Map: Get Fit Kwik

1. Workouts

1.1. Workouts that focus on the improvement of ARM muscles.

1.1.1. pictures

1.1.2. videos

1.1.3. embedded code

1.2. Workouts that focus on the development of LEG muscles.

1.2.1. pictures

1.3. Workouts that focus on the development of CORE/STOMACH muscles.

1.3.1. pictures

1.4. Activities that can help increase cognitive development.

1.4.1. pictures

1.5. CARDIO/HEART training that improves heart functions.

1.5.1. pictures

2. About

2.1. The about section gives a brief description of what the website offers.

2.2. The About section explains why the website exists.

2.2.1. pictures

3. Transformation stories

3.1. People will share their own stories and motivation.

3.1.1. video

3.1.2. pictures

3.2. Person who weighed over 400 lbs shares their own stories.

4. fun ways to work out

4.1. Examples: workouts with a baby, hiking, swimming, rollerskating, etc.

4.1.1. pictures

4.1.2. videos

4.2. This section provides alternative ways to get daily physical activity in a fun way.

4.2.1. hiking pictures

4.2.2. indoor trampoline park

4.2.3. etc.

5. contact

5.1. Give my personal contact information for motivation or more information.

5.1.1. embedded code

6. fitness locations

6.1. Addresses of specific gyms, hiking trails and other locations that require physical activity to participate in.

6.1.1. embedded location addresses

6.1.2. pictures

6.1.3. locations contact info.

7. Tagline: GFK is devoted to inspiring and encouraging people to get fit and stay fit.

8. Diet

8.1. Section suggests meal plans and provides information for the benefits of eating certain foods.

8.1.1. pictures

8.1.2. embedded codes