The Art of Art

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The Art of Art by Mind Map: The Art of Art

1. About Me

1.1. paragraph or supplemental information about myself, relating to the topic of instruction, such as art interests and education

1.1.1. I will include a self-portrait of myself alongside the paragraph, in keeping consistent with the overall theme of the website, i.e. art history and education

2. References

2.1. here will be available references that I've used and cited for educational purposes, as well as any images or other content used, in order to give full credit to the original source(s)

3. Resources

3.1. videos and links to useful/relevant artistic techniques, presentations, and even artist bios and local art events; information regarding events can be also found in subscription feed

4. Art Throughout the Years

4.1. a timeline of art and the different styles, techniques, figures, movements, and their subsequent direct/indirect results

5. Why Art?

5.1. a brief summation of why Art and Art History are interrelated and connected to society, culture, and humanity; shows how art is more significant and effective than many realize

6. Original Works

6.1. a catalog containing completed/WIP works along with their medium, stylistic influence, message, and/or other related updates

7. Related Project Ideas

7.1. fun, quirky, challenging art DIY projects inspired by different art movements/figures/styles to make the learning experience more "hands-on"

8. Commissions / Shop

8.1. works available for purchase (nothing yet) as well as an area to submit possible commissions, expected price ranges, and an embedded link to contact me via professional website email; hold right to refuse art commission and delegate appropriate content

9. Methodologies and Movements

9.1. Notable movements and their most iconic, well-known techniques/figures; more detailed than "Timeline" page

10. Influential Artist Bios

10.1. information, photographs (if available), and work regarding the more notable, and even influential artists (whether famous or relatively obscure) whose art and actions somehow benefited or altered the artistic community and/or standards of the day

11. Art and the Modern World

11.1. a blog where classical, historical artistic techniques and influences can be seen in the modern, contemporary 21st century; updated regularly

12. Common / Interesting Themes and Motifs

12.1. a list and explanation, complete with memorable and applicable examples along with even possible techniques related to how each theme and motif

13. Personal Blog

13.1. blog filled with my thoughts, tid-bits about art I enjoy, my artistic adventures and endeavors, with application for readers