Hanna Frazier

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Hanna Frazier by Mind Map: Hanna Frazier

1. About Me

1.1. Hi, I'm Hanna Frazier! I'm 19 years old from Tacoma, Washington. I've been a swimmer all my life and a competitive one since age 10. I like to shop, hang out with friends, workout, swim (clearly), and practice my makeup skills. I chose to make a site about swimming as I've been passionate about it for many years and I want to share the tips I've learned over the years with people my age.

1.1.1. Im going to include a couple of pictures of myself on this page.

2. References

2.1. put in URLs of photos and text/articles I used

3. Resources

3.1. put coupons for swim gear or swim suits

3.1.1. put coupons from speedo and swim outlet

4. Contact

4.1. Phone: 2533125811, Email: [email protected]

5. Strategic Planning

5.1. put MindMeister on this page

5.1.1. make background gradient blue

6. Swimming Tips/Tricks

6.1. add lists of tips for improving stroke, technique, and eating habits

6.1.1. put a picture at the top and include graphics to entice the reader

7. Workouts

7.1. on this page put different workouts that swimmers can do on their own

7.1.1. put about 5-6

8. Swim News

8.1. add links to articles about famous swimmers or swimming news

8.1.1. keep it updated, put pictures

9. Shop for Suits

9.1. add links to suits and put pictures of them