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1. Output Hardware / Software

1.1. Output takes information from the computer and moves it off the computer elsewhere. This process uses hardware, like printers and flash drives and the software that run the programs.

1.1.1. Printer Challenges can include malfunctions with paper jams or ink issues and connection problems to the computer. Benefits are the option to print soft copy work onto paper to turn it into a hard copy

1.1.2. Monitors Challenges exist if the resolution and pixels are not functioning correctly, this can inhibits the display of soft copy material. Benefits are the option to see material that had been converted from computer language into visual data.

1.1.3. Fax Machine Challenges can include malfunctions with paper jams, like the printer, internet or phone connection issues. Benefits are you can send paper work over the phone lines.

2. Input Hardware / Software

2.1. Input is where the computer program takes in new information that is supplied by the hardware, like keyboards and a mouse. Software plays a big part in these items working properly, if there is a problem with software, that can create problems.

2.1.1. Keyboard Challenges can include, size and functionality/ malfunctioning of the keyboard. Benefits are the option to type your thoughts onto a screen.

2.1.2. Mouse Challenges can exist from the surface on which it is being used and also its overall operation. Benefits can include the use of a pointer/ selector device to make work faster

2.1.3. Scanners Challenges can include malfunctions and computer connection problems Benefits include the option to scan a hard copy item up into the computer to make it a soft copy item.

3. Computer hardware is a physical piece of equipment that can be used with a computer. Software is the program that runs the computer to make the hardware work.