The Industrial Revolution Change

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The Industrial Revolution Change by Mind Map: The Industrial Revolution Change

1. Social

1.1. Social media, Instagram,Facebook,Snap chat etc.

1.2. News

1.3. Dating websites/Apps

2. Growing up

2.1. Kids nowadays have laptops,Phones and technology being overused.

2.2. Robotics, Used in hospitals

2.3. Advanced transportation such as Advanced aviation, High speed trains

3. Communication

3.1. FaceTime with friends

3.2. Work, By Skype Calls for employment or work.

3.2.1. Ways to talk to friends Via text msgs, Before you would have to send letters etc. But now its with one button.

4. Education

4.1. Digital games are actually useful for learning. They’re one of the best ways to review content, for example. (Think Kahoot.) Or ( COD.ORG )

4.1.1. Students & teachers are always connected. ( Through school Email ).

4.2. Data (about student achievement, for example) is more visible than content. ( Files ).

5. Family

5.1. In 1980 only 23 per cent of couples lived together before marrying, compared to 78% in 2008.

5.1.1. There has been a small decrease in the number of couple parents with no job between them.

5.2. In 1980, women most commonly had their first child in their early twenties. By 2007, most new Mums were in their late twenties, with marginally less in their early thirties

6. Cultural Change

6.1. Internal Cultural Change

6.2. Increase automated testing, Involve testers earlier, promote value,improve requirements, hire more testers.