Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Managing the classroom is quite more complex than what it seems. It deals with space, time, activities, personal presentation, using our voice appropiately, and dealing with difficult situations.

2. The teacher in the classroom

2.1. This has to do with how you look, how you stand, how you move, how you react to any situation in the classroom. You are the role-model to your students. Everything you do has a positive or a negative effect!

3. Proximity

3.1. The teacher must be wise enough to know how close he can be to his students. He will know that from interacting and paying attention to their reactions.

4. Appropriacy

4.1. Our attitude need to be hand-in-hand with the kind of environment we wish to create and that's what this issue is about: finding the balance betweem how we seat or stand in the classroom and the message we truly want to convey.

5. Movement

5.1. This is all about the teacher's personal preferences whether to move that much or not, but what we have to consider is that we need to attract students, engage students even with our movements!

6. Awareness

6.1. Always be aware and conscious of what's going on in the classroom., have response-ability and also don't take for granted self-awareness that will lead you to better results.

7. Talking to students

7.1. Talking to students is a challenging thing. Building rapport is crucial here. We have to talk to them in a pretty easy and understadable way. Delivering a message should always be an art and not only about imposing things.

8. Using the voice

9. Student Talk and Teacher Talk

9.1. The teacher must be aware of how important it is for the students to practice. He has never to rob the students' time to talk endlessly! Nonetheless, teachers are urged to offer a quality talking and never be afraid of helping students by talking when necessary.

10. Audability

10.1. We need everybody in our classroom to hear every single word we say. That's why it is very important to be audible with voice quality. Doing this appropietely, it will facilitate the process!

11. Variety

11.1. The kind of voice you use has to be in accordance to the type of topic and situation we are at.

12. Conservation

12.1. Teachers need to be totally careful with their voices since it is the most important thing we have in a classroom. Not doing this will only lead our voices to fade.

13. Giving instructions

13.1. The first thing we need to care about in an activity is making sure students have understood the directions. Keep it as simple as possible and BE LOGICAL.

14. What information do they need first? What should come next?

14.1. It is SO important for teachers to make sure the instructions given are clear enough and that students got what they are asked to do.