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Fourth Grade Moving On Ceremony and Fun Day by Mind Map: Fourth Grade Moving On Ceremony and Fun Day
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Fourth Grade Moving On Ceremony and Fun Day

print certificates


order in the fall

print invitations and programs


on S drive

Set Up the Gym

Mike/Dr. Horn

Cover the sky lights

Set up chairs

lights off to start/when Pomp Starts lights on

Flag needed

Microphone and podium

Fun Day Schedule


after ceremony schedule for pool

sign out LGI for the afternoon for video

Fun Day Pool Scheduling


Call in September to book the pool at the high school

Secure a substitute for the day

Secure life guards

Moving on PowerPoint


get Kindergarten CD

add in Camp Fitch Pictures

Musical Presentations


Pomp coming in

Life is a highway playing while Powerpoint is on

Pick one of the songs from the Spring Concert to perform

*don't forget we need LGI on Fun Day!

Computer Set up in Gym


Get laptop

get cart/no speakers



get popcorn/oil

secure popcorn machine for the day

Secure Guest Speakers

Dr Horn

High School Senior

FMS Principal or Assistanant

Order Popsicles


funding from PTO?



Schedule the date with Theresa

Secure Garbage cans from Mike