2018 Hardware Road show

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2018 Hardware Road show by Mind Map: 2018 Hardware Road show

1. Lenovo

1.1. New features across models

1.1.1. Has windows 7 devices

1.1.2. Camera shutter closer

1.1.3. Faster Charging Some will offer charging with both USBC and Rectangle.

1.1.4. Glance gaze tracking For multiple monitors

1.1.5. Prob see more AMD processors options across all Hired a big AMD guy

1.2. Accessories

1.2.1. Thinksmart Hub AllinOne Unit for Conference rooms

1.2.2. Side Docking With Thumderbolt USBC Ethernet pass through docking, so mac address stays unique not tied to a dongle. CS18

1.3. VR Classroom Solution

1.3.1. Mirage Solution Google chose. Headsets can use an alcohol wipe Comfortable

1.3.2. Lenovo device as a service Large purchases ,moved to subscriptions service Not a lease term Subscription service

1.3.3. Launching in March Apps Jane goodal wild immersion content Kit Router Scholastic lesson plans Large 24 med 10 kit Tablet 10 included

1.4. Laptops

1.4.1. X380 Yoga 13" Flip , Tent. Black and SIlver Teacher device? Memory is Soldered Integrated Garaged Pen 2x2 AC WIFI Intel Windstorm Peak 8265 2x2 11 ac+BT4

1.4.2. X1 Wake on Voice X1 Yoga Not alot of changes Pen charges in the yoga Max 180Gb Two types of pen, New Thinkpad pen pro.

1.4.3. X1 Tablet Gen3 Surface pro competitor Comes with keyboard Pen not garaged with device Gorilla Glass Optional fingerprint reader IR camera

1.4.4. X280 Will have touch Comes in Silver Supports rapid USBC Charging 2.5 Lbs X270 w 13 hr Battery Intel Windstorm Peak 8265 2x2 11 ac+BT4

1.4.5. T480 T480S Slim and LIghter Now has discreet graphic's SIde Docking CS18 Rapid Charge Up to 24Gb 2.9Lb Intel Windstorm Peak 8265 2x2 11 ac+BT4 T480 3.6Lbs Dual Batteries

1.4.6. T580 Has numeric keypad Otherwise same as T480 4.3 Lbs Backlit keyboards on all T's Has traditional Rj45

1.4.7. New Product L series L 380 L480

1.4.8. Tablet 10 Smaller niche Windows 8Gb Ram 120 SSD Snap on nice keyboard ProA12 Processor

1.4.9. 11e Optional world facing camera Optional garaged Pen Touchmodel non yoga is a new option USBC Still has rectangle power Still has Rj45 Geminie lake kabie lake

1.4.10. 100e & 300e & 500e Was n22 Entry level windows device apollo lake CPU THicker rubber bumpers on windows and chrome versions Keys are anchored more for tougher 300e Formally n24 non garaged pen 500e Chromebooks 100e Non touch 300 Has touch 500 has garaged pen and world facing camera All mil-spec All USB C Charging

2. Earthwalk Carts

2.1. Going to change design to add a clip to make it easier to change cords