what is the relationships guns on campus or school safety?

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what is the relationships guns on campus or school safety? by Mind Map: what is the relationships guns on campus or school safety?

1. guns on campus aren't safe

1.1. families and possibly the government must report concerns that are consist with the constitution, to make this safer and stronger the constitutional and complex have to be taken ton consideration. policy's want to avoid judgement.

1.1.1. ''we can find out children and teachers were in Newtown, Connecticut. in December 2012." this makes me think

1.1.2. "we can see what 10 percent murders happend 1960's through 1990's" this quote shows that how many people had died in the 1960's through 1990's

1.2. the terror at sandy hook elementary was horrifying. The teachers tried to Keep the children calm and safe. parents of the victims became advocates for gun control.

1.2.1. "how many fire arms have been discharged since 2013." this means that there have been over 330 school shooting in 2013 and grow each year.

1.2.2. "we can find out on what all happend on dec. 14, 2012." this maters because that date was a day to remember what families had lost.

1.3. allowing guns on campus would likely lead to more campus homicides and suicides.

1.3.1. having guns on school campuses can raise the risk of violence.

2. guns make the campus safe

2.1. gun control wants to start gun education and avoidance programs taught in public kindergarten to middle school and maybe high school.

2.1.1. “Gun education is the best way to save young lives.” this makes me think that it could have a good effect on saving lives that are in danger.

2.1.2. Gun education is not mandatory in any state as far as we know, but of course we think all schools should have it,” said Cifelli. this means that the state wants schools to have gun education so people understand what could happen or how to defend.

2.2. families are influencing for gun control to restrict sales that allow people to obtain guns. Bennett believe that sandy hook families can help reduce gun violence by gun control laws.

2.2.1. "1,400 murders, 19,000 suicides and 600 accidental shootings more than 10 firearms deaths per 100,000 people every year." This matters because schools need guns or armor to help not cause as much deaths.

2.2.2. "Verifiable fact. We can check to see whether or not those families went to Washington in Jan. 2013." this shows that families loose their loved ones from school shootings.

2.3. having guns in school can help defend who is shooting or harming the school.

2.3.1. guns on campus can help keep everyone safe such as police officers.