Urban Nature

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Urban Nature by Mind Map: Urban Nature

1. Initial Reaction: Paradox as is Sustainability and Business (of which we know is not true)

2. Goal: Futuristic Sustainable Cities that incorporate nature as a fundamental piece of urban planning from its infancy (Example: Songdo, South Korea) Songdo, South Korea's City of the Future, Has a Green Vision

2.1. Species/ Biodiversity

2.1.1. Human Young Middle-Aged Elderly

2.1.2. Animals Hot Blooded Animals Cold Blooded Animals

2.2. Natural Environment --> Resources

2.2.1. Open Spaces Fields/Parks Mountains Precipiation Hills

2.2.2. Water/Ecosystems River Food (Fish) Lake Food (Fish) Ocean Food (Fish) Precipitation

2.2.3. Air

2.2.4. Solar Energy

2.2.5. Soil Vegetation/Plants Food Clean Air

2.3. Built Environment/ Concrete Jungle

2.3.1. Energy (Water Intensive) Electrical Grid Nuclear Hydro(Urban-Nature Example) Natural Gas Steam Wind (Urban-Nature Example) Solar Panels (Urban-Nature Example) Wave Power (Urban-Nature Example)

2.3.2. Water (Energy Intensive) Wastewater Treatement Water Distribution Rainwater Harvesting Water Tanks (NYC/Mexico City) specific Sewer System Wastewater Discharge into Natural Environment Desalination

2.3.3. Impervious Surfaces Streets: Asphalt Covering the Soil Concrete Sidewalks Skyscrapers Living Roofs (Urban-Nature Example) Resource Heavy

2.3.4. Logistics Cars Tires Metal Plastic Freight Aviation

2.3.5. Waste Landfill Waste-to-Energy Ocean

2.3.6. Open Spaces Parks Gardens Community Gardens City Gardens Composting Facility Vertical Farming/ Aquaculture

3. Communication

3.1. RInnovative Technoliges

3.2. Education

3.3. Research

3.4. Community Engagement

4. Policy