Define "Technology"

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Define "Technology" by Mind Map: Define "Technology"

1. After Thoughts

1.1. After learning from this module I have learn't that Technology is anything not nature made. My outlook on how to define technology has drastically changed because it's not only limited to electronics but from the planning stages to the process and the result all revolve around technology. As Richard Li-Hua states " is a wonderful, amazing, always-changing bags of tricks that help the human being to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives" (Li-Hua, 2002). It is evident that technology is not slowing down anytime soon and has a major plan for the future.

2. Education behind it!

2.1. Even though history has shown us that technology has a lot of different components such as cave drawings, devices, paper, and how they have evolved, what is the more insightful meaning?

2.1.1. As Friedel explains, technology continues to recreate itself in different forms. "The spaghetti sauce metaphor is terribly simple, to be sure: we live in a world of designed artifacts, and technological change begins with alterations of design. I know what my usual sauce is made of and how it's put together: some tomatoes, garlic, and onion, a little oregano, basil, and bay, perhaps a meatball or two, or simply some chopped beef, the whole browned and stirred and stewed. If I am not satisfied with this, or if I have a different set of ingredients at hand, I alter the design".(Friedel, 2002)

3. Before Thoughts

3.1. (Thomas)

3.2. In my opinion, I believed technology meant only being connected to the internet or an electronic. "Technology, like “art,” is not a terribly easy word to define." (Dyer, 2009)

3.2.1. Camcorder

3.2.2. blackberry

3.3. Internet

4. References

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5. Origin

5.1. "Technology" is derived by joining two Greek words, "techne" and "logos." Techne can easily be rendered into English as art, craft or method. Logos, however, has no English equivalent, though the sense of its meaning can be explained as a principle of reason, ratio, account or balance."(Far Eastern Economic Review, 2000)

6. Different definings

6.1. Technology as Hardware

6.1.1. "This is the basic level that most of us mean when we use the word “technology.” As a piece of hardware (or an “artifact” for the anthropologist or “cultural good” for the sociologist), “technology” could be a clock, a shovel, a laptop, a belt, a thermometer, a can of root beer, a canteen, a tank, or a fake duck decoy". (Dyer, 2009)

6.2. Technology as Methology

6.2.1. As many would never consider this to be a type of technology. The methods, planning, ideas and process is how technology even became a thing. " It seems much easier to consider the concept of “technology” as consisting of four closely inter-linked elements: technique, knowledge, the organization of the production and the product".(Li-Hua, 2007) All these fundamentals are where you must start when planning anything.

6.3. Technology as Manufacturing

6.3.1. "Technology as manufacturing includes not just about the vat holding the molten steel for our next car or the robot putting together our next computer, but also the entire process from the people running the machines to the electrical grid powering the plant to the legislation passed that regulates the industry." (Dyer, 2009)

6.4. Technology as Social Usage

6.4.1. Currently, this is "how we as a society use technology"(Dyer, 2009) for either social media purposes, checking the weather, shopping online or using it to help in our day to day lives. Majority of society replies on the social usage because many would say we have become lazy.

7. Behind Creation

7.1. I used this mind map to express my thoughts, because it reminds me of using a brainstorming diagrams when planning out essays or writing assignments. As a previous media student this was a better alternative to writing as it gives you a better way to be creative and to challenge yourself. This is my first time using the mind map application and I found it to be a great learning tool and fun.

8. These are basically things do not occur “naturally” – which, for theists, are things God himself did not make. (Dyer, 2009)