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C3 Presents by Mind Map: C3 Presents

1. Artist Management

1.1. Provide full service artist management solutions

1.2. Develop careers of client roster

1.3. Handle day to day administration of clients' business matters

1.4. Enhance digital and social media strategy, radio promotions and all other areas of marketing

1.5. Engage in fan distribution and public relations

2. Experiential Marketing

2.1. Create innovative marketing solutions for target audiences

2.2. Activate clients' brands through live experiences

2.3. Deliver balance of scale and efficiency through in-house capabilities and properties

2.4. Engage events' audiences through focused marketing strategies

2.5. Authentically bring brands to life in event spaces

3. Concert Booking

3.1. Booking and promoting over 1700 concerts annually in arenas, festivals, theaters, etc.

3.2. Work with wide variety of professionals including talent buyers and personal managers

3.3. Find adequate venues to fit event and artists' needs

3.4. Develop and fine tune pitch to venue owners and talent buyers

3.5. Book supporting artists including local openers

4. Venue Management

4.1. Provide and oversee operations and management services to all varieties of venues

4.2. Hire personnel for events including but not limited to ticket agents, security and vendors

4.3. Execute pre-development and pre-opening procedures for new venues

4.4. Develop logistics-based relationships and strategies with local government agencies

4.5. Design efficient venue set-up

5. Festival Production

5.1. Book venues and dates for festivals

5.2. Work with artist management groups to book talent for events

5.3. Plan musical and artistic themes for events

5.4. Manage stage, lighting, and audio design and set-up

5.5. Coordinate and hire vendors, including for food, clothing and merchandise