What is Technology

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What is Technology by Mind Map: What is Technology

1. What I knew about Technology

1.1. Technology to me was as simple as the everyday essentials such as smart phones, laptops, cars, tv's.

1.1.1. until watching the 2014 Super Bowl commercial when I came to realize how powerful and empowering technology can be. Technology can literally be a life changing opportunity.

1.2. Technology has become an essential in the 21st century, it is needed to function on a daily basis and is being used by everyone

2. What I know now about technology

2.1. "Technology is anything invented after you were born"Alan Kay

2.2. starting this course has lead me to start thinking about the bigger picture of what technology is.

2.3. technology isn't just everything that is electronic but rather nearly every invention thats been invented. everything has a part of technology in it including human beings

2.4. "Technology is anything that doesn't work yet" Danny Hillis

3. Basics of Human Evolution

3.1. Technology is what keeps the world functioning

3.2. Without Technology human specious would not be able to live

3.2.1. in the ted talk video he talks about before technology was invented, human beings where only living until 20 or 30 years old, there were no grandparents or parens to help make an evolution.

3.2.2. with a small amount of technology specifically fire a small evaluation happened expanding the human race from approximately 10,000 people to quickly becoming the dominant specie

3.2.3. Technology has become the most powerful force

4. Benefits of Technology

4.1. Heath Care

4.2. Communication

4.3. Education

4.4. Scheduling and Reminders

4.5. Safer cars

4.6. Safer Homes and home security

4.7. Creativity

4.8. Longer life

5. My Creative piece

5.1. I chose this creative piece as it interest me and I had no clue what it was

5.2. I struggled with this mindmap, and restarted about 4 times

5.3. I still have no clue what im doing or if I had finished this correctly. fingers crossed.

5.4. How to make a mindmap

5.4.1. MindMeister Tutorial: Getting Started with Online Mind Mapping

6. What helped me understand technology

6.1. the reading help provide example that broadened my thinking and understanding of what technology is.

6.2. the reading Defining the work "technology" four times the author related the broad term of technology to the broad term of art. both have multiple purposes and meanings

6.3. The Ted talk by Kevin Kelly also contributed to my understanding of technology, he broke it down to the basics of before technology time and provided steps towards the evolution of technology.

7. Technology and health care

7.1. technology has created a major impact to the health care system. life is both given and kept because of technology

7.2. to me this is the most important and segnificant part of technology

7.3. the health care system runs off of technology, hospitals use almost every source of technology you could think of; from computers and pagers to life support machines and CT scans and so on.

8. Technology Definitions:

8.1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

8.1.1. "1) (a): the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area; (b): a capability given by the practical application of knowledge"

8.1.2. "2) a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge."

8.1.3. "3) a specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavour"

8.2. Oxford Dictionary

8.2.1. "1) the application of scientific knowledge for particular purposes, especially in industry."

8.2.2. "2) Machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge."

8.2.3. "3) the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences."

9. References

9.1. Defining “Technology”

9.2. http://donteatthefruit.com/2009/12/defining-the-word-“technology”-…-four-times/

9.3. Kevin Kelly tells technology's epic story

9.4. Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: Empowering

9.5. MindMeister Tutorial: Getting Started with Online Mind Mapping