digital communication

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digital communication by Mind Map: digital communication

1. Pros

1.1. used for everything

1.1.1. calling

1.1.2. gaming music

1.1.3. texting

1.1.4. internet

1.2. wireless easy access

1.2.1. WIFI access

1.2.2. data on cell phones

1.3. take it with us everywhere

1.4. use different types of technology

1.4.1. cell phones

1.4.2. computers

1.4.3. Ipads, tablets, ipods

2. Cons

2.1. we are too dependent on it

2.2. some cell phone carriers have dead zones

2.3. other people do dangerous stuff like texting and making phone calls while they are driving

2.4. no communication in person anymore

2.4.1. through texting

2.4.2. using instagram

2.4.3. Facebook using cameras to chat face to face messaging

2.5. some break easily

2.5.1. then we have nothing to use