should teachers bring guns to school

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should teachers bring guns to school by Mind Map: should teachers bring guns to school

1. teachers with guns will feel more safe and secrude

1.1. in case of an emergency

1.1.1. "esponsible adults who know how to handle a weapon properly should be able to carry with a conceled weapon permit". (Burnett)

1.1.2. "The teachers will be certified which requires a background check so all teachers carrying will be mentally stable. The majority of public shootings are in gun-free areas." (Burnett)

1.2. if any enemy comes in the school they will have something to protect themselves

1.2.1. "I truly believe teachers should be allowed to carry guns or weapons into their classrooms so that if a gunman comes into their classroom and starts shooting the students, the teacher can shoot the gunman before any students are shot." (Burnett)

1.2.2. "but I know if I'm teaching my class and there is a shooter in my hall coming for my room, which is filled with 20 students, I'm going to want to be able to protect myself and all of my students." (Dickerson)

1.3. teachers have something to use in case of danger

1.3.1. "Teachers are the first line of defense in a class room. And it clearly states in the 2nd Amendment that we have the right to bear arms." ( Dickerson)

1.3.2. "You wouldn't be tossing the gun to someone who didn't want it and couldn't handle it. School systems can't afford security guards, and police response times average four minutes, and a lot of people can die in four minutes. Only other teachers and administrators would know who carried the gun." (Dickerson)

2. teachers with guns will make schools more dangerous

2.1. Bringing more weapons on campus is not good for kids.

2.1.1. There are many reasons why kids should not have guns or any weapons on campus, and "If there are any students who are carrying any weapons, then they should be severely punished along with their parents" (Magid).

2.1.2. Teachers bringing guns to any school like high school, middle school, or elementary school is dangerous for students because "What if they see a gun on their teacher's desk, they pick it up, think it's not loaded when it actually is, they pull the trigger and accidentally kill or injure another student or themselves" (Kalman)?

2.2. techers wouldnt know how to shoot a gun

2.2.1. It takes time and steps to use a firearm, "First, to properly handle a firearm, it takes a lot of training and the teachers now do not have the time nor knowledge to be able to properly handle weapons" (Magid).

2.3. people might get hurt

2.3.1. "If a situation warrants an educator discharging a weapon at work, it means that existing structural supports and protections have failed." (Kalman)

2.3.2. "Scared children do not need to worry about being possibly shot by their very own teacher." (Kalman)