Intellectual Disabilities

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Intellectual Disabilities by Mind Map: Intellectual Disabilities

1. Teaching Strategies

1.1. Always provide multiple opportunities to practice skills in a number of settings

1.2. Teach students in small groups, or one-on-one, if possible

1.3. Teach one concept or activity component at a time

1.4. Teach one step at a time to help support memorization and sequencing

1.5. Direct instuction

2. Social and emotional

2.1. rely on peers

2.2. social skills deficits

2.3. neglected or rejected in school

2.4. lower levels of personal efficacy

2.5. desire to be liked and accepted

2.6. may engage in problem behaviors

3. Physical characteristics

3.1. Slight motoric immaturity of slowness to develop

3.2. facial differences

3.3. sensory differences

3.4. seizures

3.5. cerebral palsy

3.6. Higher instances of injuries

4. After School Concerns

4.1. unemployment or underemployment

4.2. dependence on governmental services

4.3. dependent living situations

4.4. inadequate social skills

5. Develop of self-determination

6. question authority

7. Low IQ levels

8. Funtioning

8.1. Delays in speech development

8.2. Easily frustrated in school

8.3. Difficulties learning concepts

8.4. Delay in cognitive development

8.5. Delays in language may affect reading

8.6. May operate at a concrete rather than abstract level of thinking

9. Adaptive behaviors

9.1. May be clumsy

9.2. May use simple language

9.3. May lack understanding of personal safety

9.4. Speech may be delayed

9.5. some obsessive/compulsive behaviors

9.6. social skills may be poor

9.7. Has trouble linking actions to consequences