Hyperthyroidism treatment

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Hyperthyroidism treatment by Mind Map: Hyperthyroidism treatment

1. Thioamides

1.1. Inhibits synthesis of thyroid hormones by inhibiting the peroxidase enzyme

1.1.1. Propylthiouracil PTU Inhibit +blocks the conversion of t4 to t3 in peripheral tissues 80,90% protein binding Cross placenta few Short T1/2 use in pregnant and breastfeeding

1.1.2. Methimazole,carbimazol (prodrug) Have only one action Free not protein binding Slow excrete Long T1/2 Cross placenta and secreted in her milk NO since it cross placenta it cause fetal harm in 3mester of pregnancy

1.2. ADR

1.2.1. Skin reaction

1.2.2. Agranulocytosis المريض لازم يراجعه طبيبه فورا اذا شاف هذي الأعراض Fever , Sore throat

2. Iodine

2.1. Inhibit thyroid hormone synthesis and release يمنع التكوين والإرسال

2.2. Block conversion of T4 to T3 like which drug that not azol???

2.3. Use before thyroid surgery ,Use after radio-active therapy also in Thyrotoxicosis

2.4. New Topic

2.5. In high dose can cause Iodism symptoms ( skin rash, hyper salivating,oral ulcer ,metabolic taste bad breath )

3. Radioactive iodine RAI

3.1. Accumulates in the thyroid gland and destroys parenchymal cells, producing a long-term decrease (opposite to iodine) in thyroid hormone levels.

3.2. Cross placenta & excreted in breast milk

3.3. Hyperthyroidism mainly in old patients (above 40). o Graves’ disease. o Patients with toxic nodular goiter. o As a diagnostic. (in low doses)

4. Adrenoceptor blocking agents Propranolol, Atenolol, Metoprolol