Christina MacDowell's Personal Philosophy of Clinical Education

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Christina MacDowell's Personal Philosophy of Clinical Education by Mind Map: Christina MacDowell's Personal Philosophy of Clinical Education

1. Example: Collaborative Precepting

2. 21st Century Skills

2.1. Life/Career Skills

2.1.1. Adaptability/Flexibility

2.1.2. Initiative/Self Direction

2.1.3. Leadership/Responsibility

2.1.4. Productivity/Accountability

2.1.5. Social Skills

2.2. Core Subjects

2.2.1. English/Language Arts

2.2.2. Mathematics

2.2.3. Science

2.2.4. History

2.3. 21st Century Themes

2.3.1. Civic Literacy

2.3.2. Financial Literacy

2.3.3. Health Literacy

2.3.4. Global Awareness

2.4. Information/Media/Technology Skills

2.4.1. Media Literacy

2.4.2. Information Literacy

2.5. Learning/Innovative Skills

2.5.1. Creativity

2.5.2. Critical Thinking

2.5.3. Collaboration

3. Constructivism

3.1. Explain modification of individual knowledge strategies over time

3.2. Knowledge is comprised of interactions with environment, symbols, socialization and the individual's own actions

3.3. Integration of new ideas based on prior learning

4. Cognitivism

4.1. Gestalt

4.1.1. Perception in Learning

4.1.2. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

4.1.3. Each person perceives and interprets information in their own way

4.2. Information Processing

4.2.1. Emphasizes thinking processes

4.3. Human Development

4.4. Social Constructivism

4.4.1. Individuals formulate their own versions of reality.

4.5. Social Cognition

4.5.1. Influence of social factors on perception, thought and motivation

5. Example: Simulation Learning

6. Example: Nurse Residency Programs