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Butterflies by Mind Map: Butterflies

1. Introduction Slide

1.1. Table of Contents

1.1.1. A1- Intro and E.O.1.1 Types of butterflies A2 Card: E.O.1.1.1 The Monarch Butterfly Intro A4 Card E.O.1.1.1 All about the Monarch Butterfly A3 Card: E.O.1.1.2 The Skipper Butterfly Intro A5 Card E.O.1.1.2 All About the Skipper Butterfly A15 Card E.O.1.1.4 Parts of the Butterfly A16 Card E.O.1.1.4 Model the Parts of the Butterfly

1.1.2. B1- Intro and E.O.1.2 Types of Caterpillars B2 Card E.O.1.2.1 The Monarch Caterpillar Introduction B3 Card E.O.1.2.1 All About the Monarch Caterpillar B7 Card E.O.1.2.2 The Skipper Caterpillar Intro B8 Card E.O.1.2.2 All About the Skipper Caterpillar B15 Card E.O.1.2.4 Parts of the Caterpillar B16 Card E.O.1.2.4 Model of the Parts of the Caterpillar

1.1.3. C1- Intro and E.O.1.3 The Butterfly Life Cycle C2 Card E.O.1.3.1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Read Aloud C3 Card E.O.1.3.1 Story Sequencing of the Hungry Caterpillar C10 Card E.O.1.3.3 The Egg Stage of the Lifecycle C11 Card E.O.1.3.3 Practice

1.2. Help Card

2. Conclusion Card

2.1. Credits