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CRAAP by Mind Map: CRAAP

1. This international organization is highly respected throughout the world.


3. How to Use Google Search More Effectively

4. Currency: The timeliness of information

5. Relevance: The importance of the information for your needs.

6. Authority: The source of the information.

7. Accuracy, the reliability, truthfulness and correctness of content.

8. Purpose: The reason the information exists

9. ISTE Standards for Students

10. Thiink Like a Freak

11. Although written in 2011, these tools are still effective.

12. The world primarily uses Google for personal, business and scholarly needs in web searching.

13. Google is the ultimate of search engines throughout the world. It is the most respected and most commonly used.

14. Google is a reliable search engine, but with the additional search tools I have researched these past weeks, the authority of Google searches is even higher.

15. Google exists for all researching needs. Once again, with the enhanced research tools offered, it's purpose for scholarly research is solid.

16. Although information is rapidly changing, the information in this less than 4 year old book is valid and applicable.

17. This book is using popular new ways of thinking and uses pertinent examples to assist the reader.

18. The standards here are sound here for all students. They are more relevant as we ask students and ourselves to be stronger internet citizens.

19. At no time have these standards been more relevant. As our scholarly endeavors even more global,, we apply these more.

20. The authors are well-respected economists and authors of cutting edge thinking.

21. The authors provide examples of experts and cite all sources.

22. This book exists to help everyone open their minds to thinking differently. With this book, we are granted the tools and permission to fail and thrive.

23. The information is presented by respected experts. for the purpose of setting expectations and guidelines.

24. The information from this organization is reliable in its accuracy and correctness. The level of expert knowledge is high.