Sustainable City Design

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Sustainable City Design by Mind Map: Sustainable City Design

1. About

1.1. The about page will contain information about what Sustainable City Design is all about in more depth than the homepage.

1.1.1. A QR code that links to the site that will be used on posters and advertisements

2. Resources

2.1. A page listing all the resources used including: pictures, video, text, ect.

2.1.1. Video/animation

2.1.2. Infographics

2.1.3. Screenshot

2.1.4. Screencast presentation

2.1.5. Digital Photo Editing

3. Contact

3.1. Contact will include basic information for contact as well as a simple form that allows for visitors to ask questions easier.

3.1.1. A simple form on the webpage as well as a google form will be used for contact.

4. Strategic Planning

4.1. A page hidden from he view of the common browsers that helps to keep the development of the website and project going.

4.1.1. Mindmeister Mind Maps

5. Reference

5.1. A bibliography like page hidden from the common browser's view that contains proper citing of the resources and references.

6. Making life in cities more sustainable

7. Home

7.1. A basic overview of what Sustainable City Design is about, It's purpose and importance in the modern world.

7.1.1. Logo: I will develop and include a Sustainable City Design logo on all pages

7.1.2. An app prototype to make Sustainable City Design mobile friendly