Website: STEM Education Planning

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Website: STEM Education Planning by Mind Map: Website: STEM Education Planning

1. Home

1.1. description of what the page is about

2. Contact

2.1. This part of the page with have a submission form where people can send me an email with questions or suggestions

2.1.1. Use a contact submission box for people to be able to email me

3. Strategic Planning

3.1. Mind map

3.1.1. mind meister to create a mind map for my ideas

4. About

4.1. How I got into STEM and where I am currently studying

4.1.1. No technology will be used here

5. Blog

5.1. My journey through teaching: study abroad, classes, etc.

5.1.1. I want include videos I take along my journey and things that help me along the way

6. About STEM

6.1. Here I want to explain what STEM and why its good to know and good for kids

7. Teaching

7.1. Here I want to include different lesson plans for teachers to incorporate STEM in their classrooms. I also want to include a subheading in here for experiments and projects kids can do.

7.1.1. Here I want to add links to different lesson plans, like in one of the links I provided in my plan

8. Help

8.1. Her I want to include current projects that are going on around the world that involve STEM and how people can be involved

9. Purpose: To help kids, teachers, and curious learners of what STEM is and how they can be involved