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Vegetarianism by Mind Map: Vegetarianism

1. About Page

1.1. This page will explain the passion I have for being a vegetarian, along with information about the mission behind the website.

1.1.1. Logo

1.1.2. Screenshot to help navigate page.

1.1.3. Screencast Presentation.

2. Contact Page

2.1. This page will include a way for people to ask questions they have about being a vegetarian.

2.1.1. Logo

2.1.2. Social Media Page: Twitter.

3. References

3.1. Citations and references for any media used on website.

3.1.1. Logo

4. Strategic Planning Map

4.1. Embedded map of website plan.

4.2. Logo

5. Home

5.1. Information about Vegetarianism

5.1.1. Thought-provoking facts and graphics that will make people want to stay on site.

5.1.2. Logo

6. What is a Vegetarian

6.1. Information about what a vegetarian is.

6.1.1. Video about being a vegetarian.

6.1.2. Logo

6.1.3. Graphic Design with QR Code

6.1.4. Google Forum: Survey asking about consideration of being a vegetarian.

6.1.5. Video or animation about vegetarianism.

7. Recipes

7.1. This page will include beginner recipes that are vegetarian.

7.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: Image of vegetarian food.

7.1.2. Video of vegetarian recipe.

7.1.3. Website links to vegetarian recipes.

7.1.4. Logo

8. Website Tagline: Vegetarianism made easy.

9. Facts

9.1. This page will give facts about being a vegetarian.

9.1.1. Infographic about vegetarianism.

9.1.2. App