Tiffany Liang's Map Of Choice

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Tiffany Liang's Map Of Choice by Mind Map: Tiffany Liang's Map Of Choice

1. Advertising Manger

1.1. enjoy working with media

1.2. good salary

1.3. social environment

1.4. media industry is only getting larger = more job opportunities

1.4.1. ability to send out positive messages

1.5. high workload full of deadlines

1.6. Competitive

1.7. being creative under pressure

2. Professor

2.1. able to help others

2.2. lots of time off

2.3. Long time to start working (PHD)

2.4. Focusing on one subject for a long time

2.5. pays well

2.6. enjoy seeing other's improve

2.7. able to work and communicate with others

3. Journalist

3.1. able to travel

3.2. opportunity write about things I'm passionate about

3.3. pressure to make many deadlines

3.4. special access to event

3.5. highly competitive

3.6. dealing with lots of criticism

3.7. publish work/opinion pieces for world to see

4. Architect

4.1. enjoy mathematics

4.2. interested in architectural design

4.3. I don't like/struggle physics

4.4. Protecting public health and welfare has a HUGE responsibility

4.5. opportunity to be creative and academic, at the same time

4.6. takes long time to achieve liscensed degree

4.7. parent approval

5. Lawyer

5.1. good financially

5.2. wide selection of career choices

5.3. parent approval

5.4. mentally exhausting

5.5. can be dangerous when working with criminals (threats)

5.6. intellectual challenge

5.7. able to work with others, and alone

5.8. long hours