My career map of ideas

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My career map of ideas by Mind Map: My career map of ideas

1. Author

1.1. I am an intervert

1.2. I absolutely love to read

1.3. I have always been slightly interested in writing

1.4. Takes a while to release a book to get money

1.5. It would need to be a side job as I wouldn't earn enough money to live on

1.6. need to be super organized and disciplined which I have trouble doing

1.7. self suggested

2. Teacher

2.1. would probably teach english, math, or chemistry

2.1.1. english due to literature

2.1.2. math as I enjoy and am good at it for several sections of it

2.1.3. chemistry as my dad taught university chemistry as well as it is one of my favorite courses

2.2. Enjoy working with little kids and helping them learn

2.3. My dad is a university and professor and his teaching job sounded nice

2.4. Teachers don't have the best paying job

2.5. I can get nervous sometimes and my not have the authority needed to run a classroom.

2.6. I would need to be organized which I have some trouble doing.

2.7. self suggested

3. architect

3.1. I have heard of several famous people who were architects and built amazing structures

3.2. I have been interested in how certain buildings and how they are built and am interested to try to create a building design myself

3.3. would help with other people by building houses for them as well as other helpful buildings

3.4. would be a part of destroying the enviroment

3.5. don't know a lot of being an architect so I might not be a good fit for the job

3.6. It would require a lot of organization which I lack a lot of.

3.7. self suggested

4. librarian

4.1. I love to read and have a big knowledge about books

4.2. I would be able to help a lot of people with this job

4.3. I enjoy visiting libraries a lot and I know how to work in them

4.4. It wouldn't be a very good paying job

4.5. I would need to be very organized in order to work there which I have a hard time doing.

4.6. It would be hard to get a full time librarian job at a local branch as those are relatively hard to find.

4.7. self suggested

5. engineer

5.1. I enjoy building things and putting stuff together.

5.2. I have always enjoyed learning certain sciences that would help me become an engineer

5.3. I would either do mechanical or chemical engineering. Probably do mechanical over chemical

5.4. I might not get along very well with my teammates

5.5. I might not get well enough marks to do it.

5.6. Haven't really thought out how this would happen

5.7. suggested by guidance councillor

6. Legend

6.1. good things

6.2. bad things

6.3. who suggested it

7. personality:INFP