Libby's Map of choices

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Libby's Map of choices by Mind Map: Libby's Map of choices

1. Graphic designer

1.1. lets me be creative

1.2. your boss gives you an outline but its you choice to design something creative.

1.3. different tasks to tackle everyday. never the same old thing.

1.4. Have to meet deadlines.

1.5. sitting at a desk all day.

2. Teacher

2.1. good organization skills

2.2. Not a sit down job

2.3. good at planning things

2.4. Have to deal with annoying parents that may not agree with me.

2.5. have to be right on top of things all the time.

3. Social worker

3.1. love helping people

3.2. Am a good listener

3.3. strive to make other people happy

3.4. Involves sit down work

3.5. giving on point advice every time.

4. Pro Hockey player

4.1. I love working with people and it involves a lot of team work.

4.2. I love hockey and everything to do with hockey.

4.3. Has been my Dream since I was 5

4.4. you never know what adversity could get in the way at any time to prevent you from playing.

4.5. Girls pro hockey doesn't really make money.