Nasser's Job Choices

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Nasser's Job Choices by Mind Map: Nasser's Job Choices

1. Doctor

1.1. -good salary

1.2. -interested in biology

1.3. -get to help others

1.4. -uncle and cousin are both doctors

1.5. -uncle and cousin are both doctors

1.6. -can be difficult hours

2. Lawyer

2.1. -good salary

2.2. -need to use logic

2.3. -get to help others

2.4. -influenced by people saying "you should be a lawyer"

2.5. -high stress

2.6. -pressure from clients

2.7. -might have to argue for someone that should go to jail

3. Paramedic

3.1. -good salary

3.2. -First one to respond in an emergency

3.3. -enjoy science

3.4. -interact with others

3.5. -get to help people in need

3.6. -influenced by love of science and helping others

3.7. -could see disturbing things

3.8. -could be dangerous at times

3.9. -stressful lifestyle

4. Engineer

4.1. -good salary

4.2. -interested in math

4.3. -interested in sciences

4.4. -creative

4.5. -could be introverted/extroverted

4.6. -many different types

4.7. -no influences, just interested

4.8. -unpredictable workload

4.9. -difficult to get the degree

4.10. -can be stressful

5. Entrepreneur

5.1. -can be a good salary

5.2. -your own boss

5.3. -you can put in as much work as you want

5.4. -creative

5.5. -influenced by cousin who is an entrepreneur

5.6. -no guarantee of good salary

5.7. -difficult to get started

5.8. -could never find the right idea