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BTS by Mind Map: BTS

1. jungkook

1.1. has no stage name it is still jungkook

1.1.1. 20 years old vocalsit maknae or youngest in the groups same thing can rap, sing and dance he does singing and dancing the most in my opinion basically the troll in the group likes to make fun of jimins height, and almost always wears white t-shirts,loves iron man

2. jin

2.1. real name is seokjin

2.1.1. 25 years old vocalist oldest in the group like the mom in the group,loves cooking he is a real visual person he always takes care of the way he looks more then the others loves food, favorite color is pink loves to tell dad jokes

3. suga

3.1. real name is yoongi

3.1.1. 24 years old rapper composes alot of songs the members get scared when he is mad really good at piano just don't mess with him

4. jimin

4.1. no stage name ether

4.1.1. 22 years old vocalist has a really high voice shortest in the group 9/10 times he will be the one that sings the high notes Has no jams *jimin you got no jams is a meme*

5. V

5.1. Real name is taehyung

5.1.1. 22 years old vocalist also a ray of sunshine not as much as j-hope tho Has a really deep singing voice and deep voice in general Not the best at rapping loves to wear headbands now like in jins words "he is like a different species".

6. RM

6.1. real name is namjoon is is the leader of the group

6.1.1. 23 years old rapper Fluent in english god of distruction has a weird dance style * if you look it up you would know what i mean. loves fashion

7. j-hope

7.1. real name is hoseok

7.1.1. 23 years old rapper always the ray of sunshine amazing at dancing main dancer Fear of snakes, or in j-hopes words snakeu