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1. temper

1.1. warm hearted

1.2. sweet

1.3. good

1.4. charming

1.5. obedient

1.6. hardworking

1.7. kind

1.8. helpless

1.9. devoted to family

2. family

2.1. stepmother

2.2. stepsister 1

2.3. stepsister 2

2.4. the Prince

2.5. father

3. early versions

3.1. China around A.D. 860

3.1.1. ''Miscellaneous Morsels from Youyang'' by Tuan Ch'eng-Shih

3.2. antiquity

3.2.1. Ancient Greece/Egipt tale

3.3. China around A.D. 860

3.4. 1634 "Cenerentola" La Gatta Cennerentola''in by Giambattista Basile

3.5. Charles Perrault in 1697

3.6. brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the 19th century

3.6.1. "Aschenputtel" ("Cinderella" in English translations)

4. Cinderella

4.1. housework

4.1.1. washing clothes

4.1.2. ironing

4.1.3. vaccuming the floor

4.1.4. washing the floor

4.1.5. cooking

4.2. looks

4.2.1. young

4.2.2. blond, long hair

4.2.3. beauty

4.2.4. pretty face

4.2.5. small feet

4.2.6. slim

4.2.7. lovely smile

4.3. Fairy Godmother

4.3.1. personality mysterious helping hand sensitive caring generous thoughtful good heart

4.3.2. looks and actions little short good looking wears a hat eleant smiles a lot

4.3.3. rich and smart

4.3.4. comes to help her Goddaughter Cinderella, but needs her limousine back by midnight

4.4. Cinderella's Father

4.4.1. married twice

4.4.2. one daughter first arriage

4.4.3. two step-daughters second marriage

4.4.4. subordinate to his second wife

4.4.5. allows Cinderella to be misstreated by his second wife and her daughters

4.4.6. offers to bring gifts to all of his daughters from the fair

4.4.7. loves Cinderella, but does not help her

4.4.8. he does know howto defend his own daughter

4.4.9. weak man

4.5. The Step-Sisters

4.5.1. jealous

4.5.2. mistreat Cinderella

4.5.3. materialists

4.5.4. mean

4.5.5. willing to marry a prince

4.6. Prince

4.6.1. wants to get married

4.6.2. in love with Ciderella

4.6.3. rich

4.6.4. handsome

4.6.5. tries to find Cinderella through the Internet publishes the photo of Cinderella's shoe tries to find Cinderella on the Facebook Cinderella has no profile on Facebook

5. what if..

5.1. setting:time

5.1.1. 21st century cars computers mobile phones television radio GPS digital camera video camera SMS MMS Cinderella, the Prince and Stepsisters attend school the are in different schools

6. motifs

6.1. mistreated person

6.1.1. by mean stepmother and step sisters

6.2. deadline

6.2.1. midnight

6.3. change in status

6.3.1. from rich to servant

6.3.2. from servant to royal

6.4. assistance

6.4.1. Fairy Godmother

6.5. event

6.5.1. ball

6.6. enemies

6.6.1. stepmother

6.6.2. stepsisters

7. Cinderella's problems

7.1. has no access to the Internet because her stepmother forbids her to use the computer at home

7.2. no mobile phone

7.3. can only use the computer at school, but only during the lessons

7.4. not allowed to go out with friends

7.5. no entertainment

7.6. no fashionable clothes

8. background

8.1. over 500 versions

8.2. popular folk fairy tale

9. actions /the story

9.1. The prince advertises his intention of finding a wife on TV

9.2. The Prince organises a big party

9.3. the Prince sens messages to all his friends with the description of Cinderella

9.3.1. no one can recognise such person

9.4. tries to find Cinderell on the Facebok

9.4.1. fails

9.5. the Prince asks his teacher at school to contact other schools through eTwinning to find a student who lost her shoe

9.6. Cinderella is not allowed to go to the part, unless she finishes al the housework

9.7. Cinderella asks her stepmother for help

9.8. Fairy Godmother gets nice clothes for Cinderella, a limousine and the chauffeur

9.9. Cinderella has to leave the pary before midnight, she is in a hrry so she looses one of her shoe

9.10. Stepsisters and Stepmother go to the party by taxi

9.11. Stepmother orders Cinderella to do the washing, and to wash up the dishes, vaccuum the floor, clean thw windows, and many other things

9.11.1. Farry Godmoter gets the robot to do the houswork robot

9.12. The Prince finds Cinderella at school and sends message to school's email address

9.12.1. the ICT teacher helps Cinderella to create her email account Cinderella contacts the Prince

9.13. The Prince and cinerella get married and they live happily ever after

10. Social life

10.1. she did not meet friends

10.2. she did not wear fashionable clothees, dod not have a mobile phone, for these reason she was often discriminated by her peers who often valued material wealth

10.3. she did not belong to any social netwok because she did not have the access to the Internet from home

10.4. New node

11. a weak point of Cinerella's personality

11.1. she was not assertive

11.2. she did not know hw to fight for her rights

11.3. she was not strong enough to oppose

11.4. lived in the world of dreams

11.5. she was helpless without Fairy Godmother

11.6. she lacks entrepreneurship