coworking and beyond

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coworking and beyond by Mind Map: coworking and beyond

1. improve coworking

1.1. coworking places management

1.1.1. best practice pool

1.1.2. roaming

1.2. innovative tools (proposals)

1.2.1. "Place Walls" = status walls for more self-transparency of a palce How? Social-digital tool, as a screen, similar to twitter walls. Automatically generated word clouds of project keywords, peoples skills etc. - then you literalyl see the "thematic fingerprint" and "spirit" of a certain cw place. Then it is easy to find the right place and have people-finding serendipity _at_ the place design principles / goals: • balanced social transparency • who is in which projects / offers which skills • facilitate team building

1.2.2. "crowds star" rating to make cw places comparable

1.2.3. "cw star" rating which features are available standardized list star system in analogy with the 1-5 stars in hotel world

1.3. coworking experience wishlist

1.3.1. price/quality transparency

1.3.2. better skill matching to build teams on the fly

1.3.3. e.g. similar like this wall - a wall for cooperation and "tandem co-learning"

1.3.4. btw cool paltform and video about skillshare Skillshare — Classes to learn anything from anyone What is Skillshare? on Vimeo

1.3.5. an extra for better work: ergonimcal seats to rent on a daily basis

1.4. target groups wishlist / special differentiator

1.4.1. having a space/service for kids and maybe care for pets

1.5. personal development

1.5.1. etc

1.6. "utopian" features

2. extend+ evolve coworking

2.1. cw places as a hub for ...

2.1.1. sharing culture

2.1.2. test new services

2.1.3. how else can you use the place, e.g. at night renting it for your birthday party?

2.2. evolve cw places to

2.2.1. ... THE hotspots of global change - with a growing local "toolbox for change"

2.3. "coworking at home"

2.3.1. How? virtualize the cw experience reproduce networking patterns

2.3.2. Why? keep in touch with cw contatcts

2.3.3. Context? nomadic worker digital mum who cannot be there as often she wants

2.4. questions

2.4.1. what is the "spirit of coworking"? collaborative open open-minded make thinkgs real

2.4.2. 10 virtues of a coworker

2.5. "mobile coworking cubicles"

2.5.1. summertime cubicle: • table in the park • mobile WLAN unit • parasols + drinks

2.6. fun+real


3. aka brainstorming

4. Anni's connectors list @ Coworking Worldwide (facebook group)

4.1. Topics and related Networks / Organisations / Projects possible to connect with coworking

5. who did start this mind map? twitter: @wschroll

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10. Join JELLYWEEK 2012 JANUARY 16-22

10.1. Want to be an ambassador? What is a jelly? JELLY is a casual working event. People are coming together (in a person's home, a coffee shop, a public space or an office) to work for the day. Bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and a friendly disposition.