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coworking and beyond by Mind Map: coworking and beyond
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coworking and beyond

improve coworking

coworking places management

innovative tools (proposals)

coworking experience wishlist

target groups wishlist / special differentiator

personal development

"utopian" features

extend+ evolve coworking

cw places as a hub for ...

evolve cw places to

"coworking at home"


"mobile coworking cubicles"


aka brainstorming

Anni's connectors list @ Coworking Worldwide (facebook group)

Topics and related Networks / Organisations / Projects possible to connect with coworking

who did start this mind map? twitter: @wschroll


hi visitor this public wiki map was editable until 2011-12-11



Want to be an ambassador? What is a jelly? JELLY is a casual working event. People are coming together (in a person's home, a coffee shop, a public space or an office) to work for the day. Bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and a friendly disposition.