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Task Question by Mind Map: Task Question

1. Active teenagers

1.1. active teenagers always need lots of energy as they do sports or due to puberty.

1.1.1. they would need to eat lots of carbohydrates for energy. protien and calcium to make their bones stronger so they wont get easily injured eventhough you are eating a lot for being an active teenager you can still lose weight as you would loose a lot of weight especially for the boys.

2. Rich in Calcium

2.1. Products that are rich in calcium mainly helps you with your muscles and bones.

2.1.1. example of these products are whole milk,plain or fruit yoghurt,cheddar or mozzarella cheese and even supplements

2.2. calcium is very important to our body without it these few things would happen

2.2.1. For women if they lack of calcium it will comprise the density of the bones and would make it mor brittle and can easily be broken. most elderly women has osteoporosis due to lack of calcium

3. Dairy Products

3.1. They contain nutrients such as protien and calcium

3.2. Examples of this products are yoghurt,milk,cheese,soya bean and meat

3.2.1. Infants use milk mainly as their staple food as they cannot eat solid food. And these help make the in them growing up and also keeps them healthy.

3.2.2. Teenagers also important to drink milk as they are very active and they are growind up and have to build a better and stronger anti bodi to prevent illness.

3.2.3. For elderly they have to drink to make them healthier as their anti body is weak and alos if they dont drink they tend to get sick easily.

3.3. Dairy products are important for our bones as it helps us in growth and repair

4. Interesting Snacks

4.1. snacks are just to eat along the way or just to have a quick bite if you dont feel like eating a heavy meal.

4.2. you can eat snacks but i f you want to keep a healthy diet eat healthy snacks

4.2.1. For examples oats bar or even biscuits

4.3. To make people want to buy your snacks you should make it attractive.

4.3.1. If its for small children you should make the snacks and the packageing more colorful and this would get the children attractted to it also you can add toys in in .

4.3.2. For teenagers the color doesnt really does much but what helps is to make them know what does this help you with your body