French Revolution

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French Revolution by Mind Map: French Revolution

1. Failures

1.1. Reign of Terror

1.1.1. The Committee on public health and safety Maximilian Robespierre

1.1.2. Mass Executions of Nobles and Peasants Emigres

1.2. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy

1.3. Napolean

1.4. Nationalism leads to several egregious acts of violence later on

1.4.1. Largely ineffective

1.5. Napolean's Campaign into the Iberian Peninsula

1.6. Scares other monarchs

1.6.1. Aids the rise of Metternich

1.7. Coalition Wars

1.8. The Republican Reforms

1.8.1. New Calendar

1.8.2. Violent De-christianizing

1.9. Rise of the Mountain

1.9.1. Backed by the taciturn and violent Sans-Coulettes (Parisian Mobs)

1.9.2. Purging of the Girondins

1.10. The Directory, and Constitution of the Year III (1795)

1.11. The Great Fear

2. Successes

2.1. Napolean

2.2. Sparks the Growth of Nationalism

2.3. La Marseillaise is popularized

2.4. Advances in technology (Guillotine)

2.5. Inspires the repressed to try and change their situation

2.6. Napoleonic Codes

2.7. Major Education Reforms

2.8. Careers become open to those with talent, not those who were born well

2.9. Current Tricolor flag is created

2.10. Levee en Masse

2.10.1. Allowed France to win the Coalition Wars

2.11. The Rococo ended, and was replaced by Romanticism

2.12. Women's Bread March

2.13. August Decrees

2.13.1. Nobles renounced their inherent privileges

2.13.2. Stops the Great Fear

2.13.3. Declaration of the Right of Man and Citizen Vindication of the Rights of Woman Declaration of the Rights of Woman

2.14. Tennis Court Oath