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Groupe PSA by Mind Map: Groupe PSA

1. SFDC Sales/Account Management

1.1. UK

1.1.1. Malcolm Louzado - AE for PSA & GM

1.1.2. Cid Leeker - ISV Partner Manager UK

1.2. France

1.2.1. Emmanuelle Lyon -PSA HQ AE - Had a call with PW +CLL, recording in the PSA folder

1.2.2. Jean-Marc Medard - RVP - Sold intial deal inclusive of £30million services

1.2.3. Andre Bibas - ISV Partner Manager FR

2. SFDC Customer Success

2.1. Edouard Petit - Introduced Improved Apps to Atos

2.2. Jean-Marie Feore - Success Partner - There is a recording of a call with Jean-Maire and CLL in the PSA folder on Gdrive

2.3. Alain Werdenschlag - Success Partner

3. SFDC Technical

3.1. Fabien Thockler - Lead Solution engineer

3.2. Bastien Herbert - Lead Solution Engineer

4. 3rd Parties

4.1. Cap Gemini

4.2. Atos

4.2.1. Jean-Guy Lejay - Had a 1 hour demo with ST +CLL. Also recieved Indicative pricing Spreadsheet see PSA Folder

5. PSA Internal