Nathan's Map of Choices

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Nathan's Map of Choices by Mind Map: Nathan's Map of Choices

1. Actuary

1.1. I like to analyze data.

1.2. I like to help people.

1.3. I like to manage risk.

1.4. I like numbers and statistics.

2. Economist

2.1. I find it interesting how one thing affects another and how it affects how money flows throughout the economy.

2.2. I like to analyze information.

3. Entrapreneur

3.1. I am interested in business.

3.2. I am intrigued by the potential to make money with a business idea/concept.

3.3. I like to manage a business.

3.4. My grandparents owned a business.

3.5. I am good at negotiating.

3.6. I like the freedom and flexibility of managing my own business.

3.7. I like to work for myself.

3.8. I like the idea of being able to offer services and products in innovative ways.

4. trader/investor

4.1. I like to analyze information.

4.2. I am interested in the relationship between buyers and sellers and the impact it has on the market.

4.3. I am fascinated with the concept of making money work for you.

4.4. I like to follow market trends.

4.5. I trade with my own money.

4.6. I like to observe how people manage their business and how their business model works.

4.7. I have been studying the markets since grade 4 or 5.

4.8. I like to manage risk.

4.9. I like to be in full control.

4.10. A recommended career for my personality test.

4.11. Same personality type as Warren Buffet.

5. Accountant

5.1. I like to work with numbers.

5.2. I like to organize infomation.

5.3. I like to deal with financial information.

5.4. I like to observe and document how others manage their business.

6. Engineer

6.1. I like to innovate things.

6.2. I like to discover and understand how things work.

6.3. I like to design things.

6.4. I like to work with numbers

6.5. I have always thought of better solutions.

6.6. I used to create projects out of lego when I was younger.

7. Programer

7.1. I like to create new software.

7.2. I like to automate repetitive tasks to increase work efficiency.

7.3. I know Java and Javascript.

7.4. I am enrolled in the computer science programme at school.

7.5. I have always had an interest in computers.

7.6. I can learn a new programing laguage very quickly.