Terminología Basica del Hadware y Sofware

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Terminología Basica del Hadware y Sofware by Mind Map: Terminología Basica del Hadware y Sofware

1. Storage devices

1.1. HDD

1.2. Pen Drive

2. Dispositivos de Salida

2.1. display

2.2. printer

2.3. speakers

2.4. headphones

3. Hadware

3.1. Supercomputers

3.2. Macrocomputers

3.3. Microcomputers or PC's

3.4. Hardware refers to the physical components that make up the computer system

4. Sofware

4.1. is a term generally used to describe applications written in a "computer language" that transmits instructions to the computer and performs various operations, ie software is called to all programs that contains a computer.

4.2. software of a computer system

5. Dispositivos de Entrada

6. Mouse

7. Keyboard

8. Barcode reader

9. Touch screen

10. Scanner