Basic Terminology of Hardware and Software

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Basic Terminology of Hardware and Software by Mind Map: Basic Terminology of Hardware and Software

1. Hardware

1.1. They are all physical devices used in data processing, which together form a computer or a computer system.

1.1.1. For example The monitor The disk drives The keyboard the printer

2. Software

2.1. They are all programs, procedures, rules and any documentation related to the operation of a Computing System.

2.2. The Software is divided into 3 very important elements that are:

2.3. Of system

2.3.1. They are the ones that control the functioning of the computer. The operating systems are: WINDOWS XP, VISTA, 95,98, etc.

2.4. Of application.

2.4.1. Most of the programs we use

2.4.2. for example

2.4.3. Word Excel power point, etc

2.5. Developmental

2.5.1. Are the programs used to make other programs

2.5.2. for example VBASIC C